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Who We Are

Inter-Arc is a management consulting firm established/registered in 1996, incorporated in 2004 and accredited by the Nigerian Council for Management Development in 2005 to provide various business consulting services.

Our Services

Workforce and Executive Recruiting and Training
  • Providing well-screened and competent employees withing a short notice or through our expressive service, on affordable professional fee.
  • Conduct general and job schedule orientation for newly recruited employees.
  • Conduct certified competence improvement training for existing and new employees.
  • Prepare and facilitate entrepreneurship training for self-employment of retiring employees as well as empowerment scheme for unemployed youth and women.
  • Outsourcing for personnel on agreed terms and conditions
Agency Services Our Agency cover key as follows
  • Purchase of property (Linking Buyers with Sellers)
  • Rent matters (Linking tenants with landlord or vice versa)
  • Business negotiation (Acting on behalf of our principal)
  • Representing other organizations within and outside the country in carrying our any lawful assignments
General Mangement Support
  • Serve as coroperate secretaries to organizations.
  • Provide administrative support and backup management through our pool of competent staff
  • Carry out bank charges audit for your accounts
  • Carry out financial investigations and personnel audit
  • Undertake stock taking for stores and warehouses
  • Carry out business turn around plans to reposition moribound businesses
Research and Business Strategies
  • Business project feasibility report writing
  • Human resources and financial policy writing
  • Helping to map out business innovations and strategies to cope with increasing business challenges
  • Preparing cashflows for organizations
  • Field/marketing survey and enumeration
  • Writing workshop papers etc.

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