Over the years we have been developing effective managemet solution that address problem faced by companies, non-profit organizations and career seeker. Our customized solutions meet the specific needs of our clients.

Human Resources Solution: We understand the adverse effects unqualified and incompetent candidates can have in a company’s productivity, timeline and finances. Therefore we meticulously screen every candidate to ensure they meet regard highly the business values and objectives of our clients.

(a) Career Seekers:As professionals we bring an insider perspective to employers need, enabling us to get ideal candidates. Our screening process consists of :

  • Registration and completion of applicants bio data
  • In-dept interviews
  • Verification of professional references

The in-dept face-to-face interview is designed to discover your motivations, skills, work environment preferences, management styles and expectations for your ideal position.
Registering with Inter-Arc Consultants Ltd. Provides enormous benefits. We committed to finding and placing you into a position that best you.
(b) Human Resources hiring/outsourcing: We provide workforce and executive hiring and outsourcing services to clients using our rich Applicant Data bank as well as other strategic sources.

Human Capacity Building: We undertake the writing of seminar, training workshop papers for our client.
(a) Leadership Development:

  • We can help you develop your leadership potentials with our leadership improvement training scheme. This development program is formulated as an exclusive one-on-one process,flexible enough to fit your schedule.
  • If you are a company or religious organisation that want to develop the leadership potentials in your people or members, we are at your service.

(b) General Competency Improvement:

We organize competency improvement training ,orientation for all categories of employees and potential employees in general management and technical areas.

General Management Support Solutions: We support our client under our general management solutions through the offer of business advisory services, provision of administrative support and backup management, company secretary-ship, business turnaround services, stock taking, Bank charges audit, personnel audit, financial investigations, and ICT services.

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