The business environment is going through phases of changes and at an unprecedented pace too. Business strategies and even structures of past can no longer be delivered and have to be reviewed, updated and implemented if your business can prove its performance.

For the effective delivery of its services and programmes, Inter-Arc consultants relies largely on its consulting team and its administrative team. Both teams are coordinated by the chief executive officer.

The Chief operation Officer: The chief executive officer is the chief coordinator of the company’s operations on a day to day basis. He is Mr Nikori J.I, MBA, FACM, ACIT ANITAD MNIM. He has worked in several organizations and has a vast experience in administration, business and human resources management.

The Consulting Team: The consulting team is made up of In-house consultants and a pool of associate consultants: The In-house consultants have been acknowledged as highly skilled and competent. it also engages qualified and experienced resource persons from Research institutes , universities ,the Public service and the Private sector within and outside the country.

(a) In-house consultants includes:

  • Dr. fedrick D uademevbo, BA,PGDE, M.ED, PHD.
  • Nana John, BA, MSc. (Phd candidate).
  • Uyi Osazuwa, B.Sc, MBA.
  • Soremi, BSc. MBA, FACM

(b) Administrative team:

  • Toby C. Y. Onyinoba B.Sc. (Business Development Officer).
  • Azubuike Ijibike BSc. (Customer Care Services).
  • Dahra A. H. Jnr., HND, AIIPM (ICT and Business Development Officer)
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